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If you want to use any images from this site,
(excluding the 4Snorks image), please let me know.
Thank you. It would be appreciated. Also, be sure
to visit the Snorks forum, where you can share all
of your Snorks memories. Be sure, however, to read
the rules before posting. Thank you. :-)

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Thank you for all your support.

This site is dedicated to Skate Corral -- 1973-2005.
We will miss you and thanks for 31 years!

In memoriam: Great Skates Fun Center, Lafayette, Indiana (1999..2013).
I had the pleasure of skating at this rink from 2008 to 2011, and it is sad to
see this wonderful rink go. Great Skates will be missed... :-(

This site is also dedicated to the memory of David R. Zinkin --
17-Nov 1970 to 13-Aug 2008. David was what helped inspire me to keep
this website running, and he was a good friend and tape trading partner
during the 3 1/2 years my game show trading post was active. David will be missed. :-(

This site is also dedicated to the memory of Michael Jackson (1958..2009),
dubbed the King of Pop. Jackson was an inspiring musical icon whose many talents,
most notably his musical career, made him a legend in his own time. To this day,
I still enjoy all of the music he had produced over the years, and I am saddened
by his unfortunate death. He will be missed... :,-C

This site is dedicated to the memory of poet lauriate Maya Angelou (4-Apr 1928..28-May 2014).
Her lifelong legacy will never be forgotten -- she will be missed. :-(

This site is dedicated to the memory of Indiana broadcoast icon Robert Glaze aka Cowboy Bob (1942..2016).
Cowboy Bob was well known in the Indianapolis, Indiana area on WTTV-4's Cowboy Bob's Corral from 1970..1986.
I had the unique pleasure of meeting Cowboy Bob in 1988 in Vincennes, Indiana while I was on an on-campus
visit to Vincennes University, which I am been a proud alumnus of since 1993. Cowboy Bob will be missed... :,-C

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