Episode Guide
First Season: 1984-85 Second Season: 1985-86
Journey To The Source
Hooked On A Feeling

Vandal Scandal
The Ugly Yuckfish

Which Snork Snitched?
The Littlest Mermaid

Great Snorkle Chase

AllStar's AllStar Band
A Sign Of The Tides

Snork Marks The Spot
Snork Dance

Toys For Snorks
The Blue Coral Necklace

Up, Up & Awave
Gills Just Want To Have Fun

The Snorkness Monster
Snorkin' Surf Party

AllStar's Double Trouble
A Snork On The Wild Side

Me Jo-Jo, You Daffney
Fine Fettered Friends

Time Out For Sissies
The Old Shell Game

The King Of Kelp
Whales Tales
Snorkitis Is Nothing To Sneeze At
The Whole Toot And Nothing But

Chickens Of The Sea
Never Cry Wolf-Fish

Learn To Love Your Snork
Dr. Strangesnork

All Star's Freshwater Adventure
A Hard Day's Snork

It's Just A Matter of Slime
Water Friends For?

The Shape of Snorks to Come
Junior's Octopuppy

Casey and the Double Header
Das Boot

The Big Scoop
I Squid You Not

A Snorking We Will Go
Guess What's Coming To Dinner

The New Neighbors
Backwards Snork
Third Season: 1987-88 Fourth Season: 1988-89
All's Whale That Ends Whale
All Star's Last Hour

Sea Shore Side Show
Snip and Snap

A Willy Scary Shalloween
Junior's Empire

Freeze Save Our Town
Shady Shadow

Tooter Loves Tadah
Daffney's Ransom

The Sand Witch
Salmon Chanted Evening

Jo-Jo In Control
Mummy Dearest

Casey in Sandland
The Day the Ocean Stood Still

The Golden Dolphin
Chills Drills and Spills

It's Always Darkest Before the Snork
Willie and Smallstars Big Adventure

Reefberry Madness
Taming of the Snorks

A Farwell of Arms
A Snork in A Gilded Cage

The Longest Shortcut
The Snorkshire Spooking

Dafney's Not So Great Escape
Willie's Best Friend

Dr. Strangesnorks Bomb
A Day of Juniors

Ooze Got the Snorks
A Starfish is Born

The Silly Snorkasaurus
Who's Who?

Battle of the Gadgets
Little Lord Occy

Junior's Fuelish Kelp Rush
The Boo Lagoon

How the Snorks Was Won
In Junior's Image
Summer and Snork
AllStar's Odyssey
In Greed We Trust
Jaws Say The Word

The Wizard of Ice
Rhyme and Punishment
Big City Snorks
Nightmare on Snorkstreet
Robin Snork
The Daring Young Snorks
on the Flying Trapeze
Snork Ahoy
The Story Circle
Oh Brother!
Thge Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth
I'll Be Senior
The First Snork in Space
Wish Or Wish Out
My Dinner With AllStar
All That Glitters Is Not Goldfish

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