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In 1988, the Roy Rogers restaurant chain offered a few Snorks PVC figures as part of its Snorks kids meal promotion. Here is one of the boxes that was part of this promotion...

This picture is one of the various Snorks jigsaw puzzles that was released in 1984...and next to this is a unique version -- a Snorks wooden puzzle that plays music! :-)

Remember the days of disco, from 1974 to 1981? Well, disco has remained a staying power in Snorkland, and Allstar and Casey are here to prove it! :-)

Some Snorks party favors are shown here...it's good to have the Snorks at your next party! :-)

This rare gem is a Snorks bookbag...with Casey Kelp as your guest of honor on the front! And also, along these lines is a Snorks handbag with Allstar, Casey, Tooter, and Occy -- and sporting their original look before the show began in 1984! And here is another gem, a briefcase with Allstar and Dimmy pictured! :-) And next to this is a rather strange bird of a Snorks item -- I have seen many different variations of colored pencils in boxes, but never anything as unique as this -- a 36-count colored pencil set featuring the Snorks!

This rare gem is a Snorks bank from Germany...remember, the Snorks originated from Belgium as a comic book...

It's not often you come across these, 17 Snorks drinking glasses. Note: in France, and most other European nations, the Snorks is called Snorky! And next to this is this rather unique gem, a Snorks play dinette set! :-) Also, just recently, I came across two more hard-to-find gems. The first is a set of four squeezable Snorks -- give them a squeeze, and their snorkels spin around. Next to this are a pair of Snorks with funnel-shaped tubes -- the object is to catch a red marble in their snorkels. And last but not least, here is a Snorks playset with an amusement park theme!

I never realized such an item like this existed until now...a rare 5-piece Snorks playset from 1986! :-)

Remember, during the 1970s, when some of the famous Sesame Street Muppet characters appeared in wooden puzzle form? Well, Casey Kelp is here as a plastic puzzle to relive those good ole' days! :-) And also, remember the Stackable ring toys? Well, here are four Snork puzzles with the same concept!

This item is known as a Snorks hat rack.

Along the lines of the Snorks backpack is this, a Snorks purse, also with Casey Kelp on the front! :-) And it doesn't get any rarer than this, a Snorks beach towel!

This is a picture from the four known, but rarely-seen Snorks record albums known to exist. :-)
And just recently, I came across this rare item, a Snorks music CD! And even more recently, I came across a Snorks item where everything is in Spanish! Keep in mind that the Spanish version opening is sung in its entirety, rather than partly spoken-word in the other markets...

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