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This picture is a little grainy, but here are six Snorks stamps. Next to it is a hard-to-find item, a Snorks greeting card. :-)

Many years ago, I wondered what a hand puppet of a snork would look like; now I know -- with these hand puppet versions of Allstar, Casey and Tooter. And here is another rare item, an inflatable Snork (this one is of Casey) -- it should also be noted that in the Italian market, Casey is known as Cathy... and last but not least, here are four clip-on Snorks...

I have heard rumors that these items did exist as recently as 1989, but now these rumors are true...yes, these are Snorks slippers with, you guessed it, Casey at the top...and, next to this are some Snorks sandals, with Allstar pictured on them! And just below these two items are Snorks slipper socks!

This is a rare item -- a version of the classic Memory game, with the Snorks! WEBMASTER'S NOTE: Just recently, I was able to obtain a copy of this rare game, and it contains 32 unique images, including what you see in the picture, as well as never-before-seen images. :-) And right next to it is a similar, but just as rare item, Snorks picture Dominoes!

Here's something that's a challenge to find...a Snorks greeting card -- and with Casey Kelp on it, it really is a true gem! Next to it is something possibly just as rare, some Snorks trading cards, with scenes from various episodes of its 108 episode run!

This has to be one of the rarest Snorks items around! Here, you are looking at the Snorks Sidewalk Artist set, where you can use 18x30 stencils of Allstar, Casey, and Tooter to draw sidewalk chalk drawings of these loveable Snorks characters; too bad they weren't around in the 70's, or I would have enjoyed the Snorks sooner. :-(

On the top of each page of this gallery, there is an image of four roller skating snorks. Here is a similar image of Casey, but here she is sniffing a flower on roller skates. This image is a bit rarer than the image that I mentioned at the start of this text...

Probably the rarest find, a toy drum with the Snorks playing the drums! Also, just as rare is a Snorks guitar, pictured to the right. And, for those who enjoy playing the piano, a rare Snorks Toy Piano! And here is a new find, another version of a Snorks drum!

I never forgot the day I saw some Sesame Street wooden blocks from 1976...finding them today is a challenge in itself. However, it is even more of a challenge to find a version with the Snorks on it! :-)

These are rare Snorks stickers...what is rare about these is that they contain images not found on most other Snorks stickers that were available elsewhere at the time these were released...also, just as rare are Snorks View-Master Reels -- I would not have believed it until this picture proves they do exist! And even more rare is a package with the Snorks holding these Sawyer reels, along with the View-Master inside -- now that is a rare item! :-)

This picture was from a poster that promoted the debut of the Snorks on TV on September 15, 1984. This idea is reminiscent of the days when Sonic the Hedgehog would do the same in 1993...

Remember those Mickey Mouse picture cubes from many years ago? This picture, which is somewhat grainy, has this same idea, but with the Snorks! And to the right is a very rare find! Snorks in the classic "Colorforms" style -- the picture says it all! :-)

This is a rare snorks item -- Snorks Hair ornaments with Casey Kelp as the ornaments themselves! And rumor has it that there was a version with Daffney, too!

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