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This is the $10,000 Pyramid!

This picture was based on a picture that I once had in this gallery...here, Allstar and Casey are playing together on the classic game show, the $10,000 Pyramid!

Those who live in central Indiana may recognize the lake in this picture...it is Cagles Mill Reservoir, located near Cunot, Indiana. This was a vacation spot for me from 1976..79, and also for some strange reason, I would return to this lake whenever the water was above normal levels, and also, I would look for a strand of fishing line tangled in one of the power lines that sagged over this lake (possibly since 1976); thus, the reason for the vehicle in the picture. ;-) That is what inspired me to draw this picture with the Snorks picnicking in their summer apparrel at the beach. BTW, the vehicle you see in the upper right corner crossing the bridge was, until 9-Feb 2008, none other than mine, a 2000 Ford Explorer Sport, red in color... ;-)

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: As of 26-Aug 2006, the strand of fishing line in the power lines is gone, after being tangled in the wires for 30 years, as the bridge itself is slated for reconstruction...

These three pictures are drawings I did of characters that aired on the show, but for only one episode. First, there is Matilda (she was the one who had a big crush on Junior Wetworth), who appeared in four episodes, but only during the first season -- what became of her is still unknown. Next, we have Samantha, who appeared in Allstar's Double Trouble, and no other episode in the 108 episode run. Finally, we have Princess Sandy, who appeared as Casey Kelp's double in Casey in Sandland.

This image was inspired by a good friend and high school classmate of mine, named JennyB, the lady who was the inspiration of this snork...

This picture was derived from an actual pinwheel display at Skate Corral, a Crawfordsville, Indiana roller skating rink...next to this picture is an animation of how the pinwheels sequenced -- and yes, they really did sequence as shown in this picture...

UPDATE: Webmaster's note: I regret to announce that Skate Corral went out of business as of 1-May 2005, so this picture will be, in a way, a historic document...it is sad to see a rink that I have enjoyed for 31 years fade away, but sometimes that just how the way it is...while the Skate Corral will be no more, this site, however, will live on... :-(

UPDATE #2: I regret to announce that another great skating rink, Great Skates, in Lafayette, IN recently went out of business as of 31-May 2013. I mention this because Great Skates acquired some of Skate Corral's equipment and lighting when Skate Corral went out of business in 2005. With the Great Skates closure, this is another fine roller rink that will be missed... :-(

Many people in the newsgroup alt.tv.game-shows have wondered who would be able to host TPIR should Bob Barker be unable to continue his hosting duties. I doubt if this is a likely possibility, but here is a picture of Casey doing her best to hostess the show on a replica of the famous TPIR set! Also, I regret to announce that Bob Barker's last TPIR show was on 15-June 2007; also, as of 15-Oct 2007, hosting duties have been taken over by Drew Carey -- and the set design has been revamped with an entirely new design, so this picture is in a way a historic document! :-(

Remember the episode, Wish or Wish Out? If you do, you probably remember the one and only appearance of Super Casey -- a version of Casey with super powers. Well, here she is!

Here is another picture that is special to me -- a picture of me and Kim Brown as
Snorks roller skating. This was based off an event that took place on 14-Feb 2009,
as a skating rink in Lafayette, Indiana called Great Skates (which regrettably, has been
closed since 2013. I took Kim Brown roller skating, and just as the picture shows (and
I captured the event also accurately), I am holding Kim's hand, as she is trying hard to
keep from falling down, hence her expression.

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