Site History:

1997: This site is launched for the first time.

1998: The Snorks site begins its internet boom!

1999: The 4Snorks image makes its debut.

2000: Despite the site being reset in July 2000 due to a system glitch, this site makes its 10,000th hit on 28-Sept 2000.

2001: Snorks Fan Art and Fan Fiction makes its premiere. The inspiration for this came from the many Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Art and Fan Fiction sites on the Web!.

2002: This site not only has its 20,000th hit, but also celebrates five years online. Thank you. :-)

2004: The Snorks celebrates its 20th Anniversary on television! :-) Also, the Snorks FAQ page is introduced! This site also gets its 30,000th hit on 17-Apr 2004! :-)

2005: This site pays tribute to Skate Corral, a rink located in Crawfordsville, Indiana, that helped to inspire the development of this site -- while as of 1-May 2005, Skate Corral is no more, this site, however, will live on...thank you! :-( And also, rumors have surfaced that a Snorks movie is in the works...keep watching this site for further details! And finally, on 12-Sept 2005, it happened! This site got its 40,000th hit! :-)

2006: To those who remember Skate Corral, a rink in Crawfordsville, Indiana, a link to the page that shows that skating rink has been added on the main page has been added! Remember, it was this rink that helped to create this site! :-) Also, on 21-Aug 2006, I have fixed the index page to make it a bit easier to navigate! And, finally, on 29-Aug 2006, another milestone has been reached. This site has now reached 50,000 hits!

2007: This site celebrates its tenth annivesary -- thank you! :-) Also, this site got its 60,000th hit on 18-July 2007! :-)

2008: This site reaches its 70,000th hit on 18-July 2008! :-D

2009: The Snorks 25th Anniversary on television (1984..2009) is recognized! :-) I have also placed a memorial on my front page to a good friend of mine, David R. Zinkin, who passed away on 13-Aug 2008.

2011: This site reaches its 80,000th hit on 15-Jan 2011 -- 15-Jan is also the date when in 1999, the 4Snorks images appeared for the first time.

2012: This site celebrates its fifteenth anniversary -- thank you! :-)

2014: The Snorks 30th anniversary is recognized (1984..2014) Also, after five years, I have moved this page from Angelfire to x10host, to ensure that this site displays correctly. Last, but not least, I have decided to remove the fan art and fan fiction after 11 years -- this worked fine before the days of hosted fan art and fan fiction sites, but now, these site have made the fan art and fan fiction sections(except for my own) obsolete. And last but not least, on 20-Nov 2014, this site received its 90,000th hit! :-

2017: This site celebrates its twentieth anniversary -- thank you! And on March 2, 2017, this site has reached its biggest milestone ever -- 100,000 hits -- we couldn't have done it without your support over the past 20 years! :-)

2019: The Snorks 35th anniverary is recognized, and the 20th anniversary of the 4Snorks logo that has graced the top of each page since 15-Jan 1999 is recognized as well. Thank you. ;-)

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